Financial Institutions

In addition to offering affiliate marketing services, Finceptiv can also connect people and money, by offering loan broker service for private clients as well as financial institutions alike. We have an “old-firm” loan broker work ethic, but with a modern-day technological edge.

At Finceptiv, we connect the customer directly with the financial institutions: Sign the deal, achieve the goal!

Our Service Is Simple :

Fill Out The Forms

To get started, let us know how much money you’re looking to borrow, and for what purpose. Tell us about your background, and your company’s history. This is your chance to make a good impression on us.

A Network Of Options

We work with several different financial institutions within our network. We’ll take the time to sort through their existing packages, and find the option best suited for you. In some cases, we can also negotiate a custom product for our clients.

Hear The Offers

In most cases, we can offer several different options for any customer of ours. We select them with your best business interests in mind. Ultimately, the choice is yours: Which direction would you like to take your financial goals in?

Making The Best Choice

Once you’ve read over all of our loan packages, pick the one that best suits you!

As a leading FinAdTech player, we’re active in Spain, Poland, Romania, Colombia, and Mexico, aiming to extend our reach for an even wider global presence

To become a recipient of our loan-broker service, please contact us today. Likewise, we are open to hearing from financial institutions, as well.