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Finceptiv aims to connect financial institutions and affiliates, facilitating partnerships through innovative financial solutions and affiliate marketing

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Finceptiv was founded in Estonia back in 2018, and has been a rising star in the FinTech field ever since. We are one of the leading FinAdTech players in the Spanish market, and have begun operating within several other additional European markets since 2021.

Our mission in the affiliate marketing field is to connect customers with services, and/or services with customers, by tailoring the best-suited financing and marketing solutions for either circumstance. Our team is dedicated to learning about the needs of our clients, and helping them meet their business objectives.

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Financial Institutions

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Each of our customers has a unique story and situation, and a “stock” solution is never the answer. One size never fits all, which is why we only offer our clients an individualized approach, tailored to their specific background and needs. Our solutions are customized to help you optimize your business.

By working with us, you can easily expand your business and find new clients with our customized and results-oriented targeting methods.

As a leading FinAdTech player, we’re active in Spain, Poland, Romania, Colombia, and Mexico, aiming to extend our reach for an even wider global presence

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Financial Institutions

We have an "old-firm" loan broker work ethic, but with a modern-day technological edge.


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